July 22, 2015

Saint-Paul de Vence

    Je keffe cette ville! Saint-Paul de Vence would have to be my most favorite place I had visited on this European exploration. This town is absolutely stunning, and I was amazed at all it's medieval glory. The muted neutral tones of the village inspired my color scheme, and while exploring I wanted to be comfortable yet proper for that night's dinner on the terrace. To keep it simple I wore a light distressed William Rast olive shirt over white levi skinny denim. I accessorized with a ring from a vintage spot in Barcelona and a woven bracelet from Dubai to elevate the simplicity of my attire.

William Rast Distressed Tee- Buffalo Exchange
Levi's Jeans- Urban Outfitter's Sale Rack
Silver Nácar Ring- Vintage Market in Barcelona
Braided Leather Bracelet- Gift from Dubai
Guess Suede Shoes- Thrifted

William Rast Tee- Lord & Taylor prices vary
510™ Skinny Fit Jeans- Levi's $68
Striped T-Shirt- H&M $15
'Willet' Nubuck Plain Toe Derby- Nordstrom $268

    Before dinner I built up an appetite by exploring the streets of Saint-Paul de Vence. It was amazing every inch of the village was a piece of history. I couldn't get over how handmade every building and stone walkways were. From the foliage to intricately stoned floors, there was just something so organic about my surroundings that left me in amazement at every turn of this town.

Saint-Paul de Vence on www.saint-pauldevence.com

    I swear every snap I took of this town was postcard worthy. If you walk inside the village you can find stores that vary from: clothing, art, chocolate, and jewelry. There are two benefits of exploring through the village until the end: 1. there is an epic viewpoint that is absolutely photo worthy. 2. You build an appetite to eat at Le Tilleul, which is where I recommend dining for the night. It is a good 30 minute walk to and from the ending viewpoint. Le Tilleul is located at the entrance of the beautiful Saint Paul de Vence. I had an evening meal sitting out on the open terrace just as the sun was beginning to set. The spacious outdoor terrace is under large trees that provide a perfect amount of shade for a cozy ambiance. Looking back on my whole trip, La Tilleul was some of the best food I had ever eaten. The atmosphere and service were second to none. The warm welcome from our server and delightful atmosphere set the tone for our meal. Their complimentary starter gave a divine precursor to what other exquisite food I was anxiously waiting to eat. I enjoyed the refreshing air, the intimate scenery, and their to die for dessert.
    For starters, I would recommend La Tilleul's home-made foie gras. It was the BEST foie gras that I had tried in Europe. This delicacy is served with a chutney of red onions and grapes, which elevate it's flavor to a whole other level, over a warm brioche. I also ordered the salmon in Gravlax way with crunchy vegetables for a counter balance of freshness. The thinly sliced salmon accompanied with the just as thin vegetables had the perfect amount of buttery goodness and crispness. My entree was fresh cod with little potatoes in a Gribiche sauce. It was the most light and delicately cooked fish! The moist fish combined with the citrus foam was a bite that was an out of this world experience.

Starter- foie gras de canard cuit au torchon, confiture d’oignons rouges & raisins
            saumon confit « façon » Gravlax, légumes croquants
Entree- pavé de cabillaud en croûte de citron & émulsion soja
Dessert- tarte aux fraises & tiramisù

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July 14, 2015

Splash This Summer

     Make a splash this summer with the AIDEN sandals from Steve Madden. These summer essentials are fit for the beach, and can even be dressed up because of it's black leather and silver buckle accent. I am stoked to be collaborating again with one of my favorite shoe brands. Which way will I style these AIDEN sandals? I could go for casual comfort or even a sophisticated approach...maybe both? Stay tuned for the look!

AIDEN- Steve Madden $40

Website: www.stevemadden.com
Twitter: @stevemadden
Instagram: @stevemadden

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July 6, 2015

Cannes You Find It

    Cannes is well-known for their Film Festival and is the city of artists and glamour. A popular place to visit is La Croisette, where you can take a stroll down the seaside promenade and gaze at fancy yachts or its luxurious hotels. There are plenty of free benches if you are not playing in the soft sandy beach. This outfit was captured after basking in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the beachfront surroundings.
    I went for a relaxed chic feel inspired the 60's French style. I threw on some casual loose jeans and rolled them up with some habana oiled leather Birkenstocks. You can still be casually stylish if you choose the right accents of detail. I combined a striped shirt with my red bandana for a nautical feel appropriate for the beach style. I wore my trusty fedora to keep me cool when strolling down the promenade under the beaming sun.

Vintage Jacket- Thrifted
Striped T-Shirt- H&M
Levi's Jeans- Buffalo Exchange
Bandana- Thrift Store
Braided Leather Belt- H&M
Chain Bracelet- American Eagle
Wide Brim Fedora- Mall Cart
Mocha Suede Arizona Birkenstock- Thrifted

The Slim Lightweight Trucker Jacket- Levi's $60
Striped T-Shirt- H&M $15
Levi's Jeans- Levi's prices vary
Braided Leather Belt- H&M $25
Fedora- Brixton prices vary
Mocha Suede Arizona Birkenstock- Birkenstock $125

    The next most famous shopping street in Cannes, after La Croisette, is Rue d'Antibes. All the high end designers can be found on La Croisette, which makes Rue D'Antibes feel more down to earth from a place like Cannes. It has a mix of top brand stores, specialty stores, and a variety of souvenir shops.
    Of course, my favorite find had to deal with food. I happened to pass by Ladurée, a luxurious bakery, well known for their macaroons. When I walked in, I was already amazed by the elegantly decorated store. Ladurée may seem pricey for a macaroon, but you get what you pay for because these are world class French confections. The macarons are heavenly and had an extensive assortment of mouthwatering flavors. My choices were their Rose and Pistachio, which I highly recommend. As you are about to take a bite of one of their macarons, your inhale alone allows you to taste the aromatics of the delicate dessert. Ladurée's silky smooth fresh texture is so addictive it is almost hard to resist trying every flavor.

Ladurée on www.laduree.com

    Dinner was back in Nice, on 1 Rue Molière. La Route du Miam is a true hole in the wall restaurant find. One can almost be blind by the first impression of this restaurant, because I thought it looked closed down. It’s a hidden treasure! This tiny restaurant seats about 20 people, and because of it's hype it can be booked for months in advanced. When you enter the restaurant you are greeted by the lovely Marie. She makes you feel like you are family who is coming over for dinner. If you want an authentic French home cooked meal, Marie and Jean Michael will give you just that. When ordering, Marie gives a full introduction of their family history of cooking. She made me excited about trying their old family recipes from the Perigord region of France. I was amazed by her knowledge of which provence their ducks came from because I had know idea it had an effect on flavor.
    I couldn't decide on ordering their lamb or duck, so I was lucky enough to try both. If you love lamb, get the lamb, but if you have never tried duck now is the time! Or just get both! Haha! You can taste the passion of Jean Michael's cooking. It reminded me of a Thanksgiving feast, especially with the portions. Both of their choices of meats were melt off the bone tender with rich flavors. The large portion of savory potatoes had a depth of flavor, and the foie gras was a silky-smooth delight that melted on your palette as you crunched on their nutty toppings.

Wine- Domaine de Chantegut Vacqueyras 2010
Entree- souris d'agneau au foie gras
La Route du Miam on www.tripadvisor.com

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June 30, 2015

Ain't It Nice

    How "Nice" is this apartment room? It was a given to shoot a look in their living room. Nice Pebble's La Fontaine old town exterior surprised me when I saw the rad inside renovations. I enjoyed the interior design because it was a mixture of where past met present. It had a retro feel with pops of bright colors, art, dope selection of furniture, and homage to icons who were known in France, Bridgette Bardot and Picasso.
    For this look, I felt like I had the same intention as the interior decorator. This look was my attempt to make a retro outfit coincide with today's summer trends. I will be forever amazed at what you can find at thrift stores. From head to toe, besides my hat and sunnies, were all thrifted/vintage finds. I never have to worry about having the same shirt as everyone else because they don't sell this type of steez (style ;)) at your nearest shopping center. How rad are my RAEN Fairbanks sunglasses?! I saw these last year at The Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach, and knew I had to add them to my collection. They have such a unique selection of sunglasses! I was super stoked to collaborate with them.

Silk Floral Hawaiian Button Up- Buffalo Exchange
Vintage Dress Pant- Goodwill
RAEN Fairbanks- Feature Collaboration
Vintage Seiko Watch- Favorite Thrift Store
Wide Brim Fedora- Mall Cart
Vintage Leather Loafers- Thrifted

Hawiian Shirt- Nordstrom prices vary
Gold Dress Pant- no reference
RAEN Fairbank- RAEN $210
Seiko Watch- Seiko prices vary
Fedora- Brixton prices vary
Lewis Woven Loafer- Cole Haan $160

"Established in 2006, Nice Pebbles has gained a reputation for high-quality service combined with top class rental apartments in Nice. All of our Nice apartments offer comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. Nice Pebbles take great pride in their holiday apartments..." -Nice Pebbles

    Nice Pebbles offers a variety of top-notch apartments around Nice and the French Riviera. I stayed at their La Fontaine located in the square of Place Rossetti. It takes 79 steps to reach the 4th floor. It sounds gruesome, but it was well worth the climb! You get an incredible view from the balcony. I could spend the whole day taking in the livelness of the square. You have the option to people watch, listen to music, and not to mention I was right next to the famous St. Reparaté Cathedral. The elevation allowed the sunlight to fill the room and made the apartment glow every morning. I also didn't mind the extra cardio because it made me feel better about all the food I knew I was going to devour. The location couldn't of been better as well. You can explore the town or walk to the beach. It had there regular stores during the day and set up different shopping markets at night. La Fontaine is where it's at!

La Fontaine on www.nicepebbles.com (view more photos and explore the apartment)

Photos of my dinner from the Le Bistrot d'Antoine!

Starter- terrine de lapin, calamars a la plancha, endives, chorizo, riquette, vinaigrette d'agrumes.
Entree- veal et legumes
Dessert- tartare di ananas et mangue, crumble with gingembre mousse mangue et yog & mousse légère au chocolat et griottes

Le Bistrot d'Antoine on www.tripadvisor.com

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